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About Arnold Glas

You might have heard of us, but most likely our name is new to you. We established a direct presence in North America in 2010, but have been known for innovation in the glass industry in Europe since 1959. We enjoy taking a fresh look at things and see opportunity in every challenge. We invest where others wait.

Our bird protection glass ORNILUX is what brought us to North America, and is only one of the examples of our commitment to solving problems through innovation. Whether you are looking for saving energy, creating energy, reducing noise, protecting from fire or burglary, or saving lives of birds, you can count on us to provide a creative and high-quality solution.

Headquartered in Remshalden, Arnold Glas is one of Germany’s largest and most innovative glass producers. With our 10 production locations, own coating facilities and float works, we are a full-line supplier for architectural and decorative glass.


Doing Things Differently...

Transparency is the trend. Glass is far more than just window-dressing; it also determines the feel of a building's interior. ARNOLD GLAS collaborates closely with architects and planners, always striving to develop new functions for this transparent material. Domes, glass roofs, spot-fixed curtain walls, sloping and all-glass facades, glass for technical applications, glass sanitary fittings, furnishings, art. The possibilities of glass are practically infinite, and we endeavor to explore them to the fullest.

We maintain wholly transparent relationships with our customers. ARNOLD GLAS supplies customized glass-based solutions to building owners, planners and architects, window and facade designers and project engineers. Rapid processing, precision and accuracy in executing contracts, and flexible action are the basis for enabling us to develop the very best solutions even for complex or unusual jobs. Our consultants, with their expertise and wealth of experience, are at your service.

Besides supplying individual consulting services, ARNOLD GLAS also provides new ideas and inspirations. We regularly organize talks and publish articles, journals and specialist books containing information about current issues concerning glass. To explore the fascinating potential of this transparent material, employees from ARNOLD GLAS attend all major forums and trade fairs.


Environmental protection - an issue that affects us all

Glass is a material that has an essential place in the architecture of today and tomorrow - aesthetically, ecologically and economically. Its production has remained fundamentally unchanged throughout history, right up to the present day, using the familiar materials of sand, soda or potash, and lime or dolomite. Raw materials for glass production are available in plentiful supply all over the world. Two pure substances are melted together. This process produces a third pure substance: Glass - 100% recyclable. Our company is particularly concerned to handle these natural resources - and our environment - in a way that can serve as a model for others. Therefore, many years ago we decided to draw up operating requirements and guidelines to that end. These rules are binding for all companies and staff associated with ARNOLD GLAS:

  • ARNOLD GLAS supplies its customers with environmentally friendly, cost-effective products and services
  • All processes and methods are permanently monitored and modified if necessary to comply with the latest technical standards and environmental aspects
  • Staff training incorporates awareness of laws and directives associated with environmental protection
  • We take environmental issues into consideration when also selecting semi-finished products and operating materials, and when selecting our suppliers
  •  Avoidance of waste takes absolute priority over waste disposal and recycling
  •  Unavoidable waste is recycled or disposed of using environmentally sound methods


Brilliant moments - innovative visions

Our motto, "best in glass", communicates our company philosophy transparently from the outset. In a former wine cellar, which became our first production location, Alfred Arnold invented ISOLAR in 1959 - a type of compound insulating glass where the edges were not soldered using the then customary inflexible joints, but joined with a flexible binding. This was the first step.

Today, we operate several glass production sites. Our product range has grown to encompass a wide range of ISOLAR / ARNOLD GLAS products, single-pane and laminated safety glass, fittings and installation products and a full complement of services from initial planning to project implementation. We are permanently engaged in development and research into new areas of application and improved production methods. This commitment to progress has made ARNOLD GLAS into one of Europe's largest and most innovative insulating glass manufacturers. Thanks to our holdings in other companies, we are completely independent in the field of semi-finished products and basic production.


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