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ORNILUX Bird Protection Glass is available as energy efficient, double or triple-glazed insulated units with an additional low-E or solar control coating that offers a bird-friendly glass without compromising thermal performance or light transmittance. The inner laminated pane of an ORNILUX IGU offers the added benefits of sound protection and a 0% UV light transmittance value that protects indoor objects from fading due to UV light exposure.

ORNILUX laminated glass for free-standing glass applications such as guardrails, windscreens or enclosures is produced as a triple laminated configuration with the collision deterrence coating on 2 surfaces thus protecting both sides of the glass.

ORNILUX insulated and laminated units can be heat-strengthened or tempered.  Download the ORNILUX Brochure for available configurations, coating options, thermal performance values and maximum sizes.

ORNILUX meets bird-friendly glazing treatment requirements as defined by such organizations as American Bird Conservancy’s Bird Friendly Building Design Guidelines, San Francisco’s Standards for Bird-Safe Buildings, LEED Pilot Credit 55: Bird Collision Deterrence: Existing Buildings and New Construction, CA Coastal Commission’s Bird Safe Requirements and others.  This is evidenced by the growing list of ORNILUX projects all across Canada and the U.S.

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